Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Cocina Juan, Parvati, Pantea

Okay now is the time of the year!! Goodbye diet! (or hopefully not)

Friday, after the Lantern Parade, Yanyan, Reena and I went to Cocina Juan in Maginhawa Street for dinner. As much as I wanted a chimichanga, it's gonna be too much for my tummy so I opted for chicken quesadilla instead.

Serving looks small but it actually got me full!

After Cocina Juan, we went to Moonleaf! I ordered my favorite Peach Yakult.

The next day, Saturday, was UP AME's Christmas party but I had early dinner with AME friends at Parvati in Trinoma. I've been seeing this restaurant for years already but it's my first time to dine there.

I ordered Shrimp Etouffee (PhP 230 for a whole serving, which I split with Airis). It's pasta with spicy tomato-based sauce. And what's Parvati without dessert? I ordered Coffee Indulgence (one of their cheesecakes). The coffee flavor was not strong enough for me but the texture was very creamy and the sweetness was just right! At PhP150, I think it's a pretty good run for the money!

And finally, this drink is fondly called "pantea". (Say it with me, "PANTEA!!!") My Aggre orgmates discovered this being sold at PhP25 at the food cart outside the College of Architecture. 

Looks cheap (well yes, it is cheap) but I'm not complaining

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