Monday, December 31, 2012

Postcard Weekly 12-29-2012

I didn't get any mail last week (which is understandable due to the holidays). However, my high school classmate handed me a set of 24 (!!!) postcards from Taiwan.

This is what's written at the back of the box:

Color and Ink on Silk
35.6cm x 1152.8 cm (yeah, it's more than 10 meters long!)

It is a joint work painted by five court painters Chen Mei, Sun Hu, Chin Kun, Tai Jung and Chen Chih-tao during the first year of the Chien-lung reign (1736-1795) in the Ching dynasty."

Here's a nice image of the painting from Wikipedia. The scroll painting is a display at the National Palace Museum (though what I saw in 2011 was probably just a replica or an image and not the real thing). The museum is very big but the painting is hard to miss because the it's veeeeeery long.

I had wanted to buy the postcard set during my last trip to Taiwan last September 2012. However, we were too busy and didn't have any free time during the day so I wasn't able to go to National Palace Museum to buy it. Luckily, my high school friend Eric went there last November. I gave him a bunch of suggestions on Taiwan and then he asked me if I wanted anything from there. I'm really, really glad he bought it for me!

You have to lay out all 24 postcards side by side to get the whole thing. In this photo, I laid them out by 6's because it's too long to lay them all out in a single line!

Now, my postcard collection just shot up to a hundred!

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