Saturday, December 1, 2012

I Scream Ice Cream: Iscreamist

This ice cream shop in Magiting Street (near the first Moonleaf branch) has been existing for quite some time. Last Wednesday, I tried it for the first time.

Now what's different about this place? Well, they use liquid nitrogen to make ice cream. I'm not a chemist or a chemical engineer and all I know about liquid nitrogen is that it's a cryogenic liquid-- it freezes things.

This photo shows their menu that is meant to resemble a periodic table. I think Chemistry nerds will like this.

Pardon all the photos. This ice cream shop has blue lights everywhere.

Ma'am Dora, apart from her ice cream, ordered S'mores. They give you four small pieces of S'mores on sticks and a cup of liquid nitrogen. You dip the S'mores into liquid nitrogen for a few seconds to freeze them and then you can play around with the vapor while eating. This kind of serving is referred to as "dragon's breath" in the menu.

Look, they have a blow torch in the kitchen. And if you notice the big tank on the right side of the photo, that's liquid nitrogen inside.

It takes some time for orders to arrive because they make the ice cream one by one!

Finally, my order arrived: Toasted Marshmallow (PhP148). It's very sweet but this flavor is great because the strong taste of toasted marshmallow gives a slight bitterness to offset the sweetness.

It was fun to finally try Iscreamist! I want to have Toasted Mashmallow again or maybe one of their coffee-based ice cream (for some bitterness).

One note: there is, probably, a laboratory standard for handling liquid nitrogen. I mean, it's not something we normally see in our kitchens. I hope Iscreamist adheres to it.

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