Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 in Photos and Bullets

Now it's time for a year-end review. It's been a roller coaster year once again-- super stressful, bordering on insane but full of adventure.

ACADEME (Teaching, Studying, Research)
  • We finished one research project and then started with another.
  • I presented a paper at an international conference in Tokyo.
  • I started my first year as an MS Energy Engineering student.
  • I joined a summer course regarding Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change Adaptation with participants from all over the world!
  • I joined an international shaking table competition in Taiwan with three of my co-faculty members and we won third place!
  • Our paper from the summer course got accepted in the Hiroshima University IDEC journal. This means that we're getting published in an international journal!!!

  • I went to Taiwan two times-- one for sightseeing (January) and one for the shaking table competition (September)
  • I went to Tokyo by myself for a conference. First solo travel abroad-- to one of my dream destinations, no less! I was able to meet Filipino friends there too. :)

  • I went to Batangas for a summer outing with my co-faculty members where I was able to try riding a jetski!
  • I went to Coron, Palawan (one of my local dream destinations) with my family. 
  • I went to Puerto Galera with my friends. It's our first out-of-the-island trip. :) Maybe next time we should go out of Luzon or something.
  • I went to Boracay (my first time) with my co-instructors where we tried flying fish and parasailing.

  • I had the TMJ splint removed and then got braces.
  • Quarter-life crisis strikes.
  • I joined and started seriously collecting postcards. So far, after nearly 8 months, I have spent ~PhP2,000 for mail-related things like postcards and postage stamps (yeah, I keep track of my expenses) and I have 70+ postcards from 24 different countries and 70+ different stamps from 23 different countries.
  • I started trying to paint with watercolor just a few days ago.

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