Monday, December 17, 2012

Lantern Parade 2012

Classes in UP this 2012 officially ended last Friday. And what's the best way to celebrate? Lantern Parade, of course!

UP PEP Squad's performance

UP AME plugging their major event on February: AME 1UP

UP Tomo-Kai's ramen

UP College of Engineering. Nope, it's not JUST an Ikot jeep...'s a Transformer!! They call it "DeceptIKOT"

Here's a video of DeceptIKOT's Transformation (taken by ME professor, Sir Ji Reyes). Isn't it amazing? The Department of Mechanical Engineering and the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute did it! I swear it's so genius! I mean, come on, they created a Transformer!

UP Babaylan (LGBT org) being bongga/fabulous as always

And finally, the lanterns from The College of Fine Arts (i.e. the highlight of the whole parade). This year, CFA's theme is flight.

Jack Skellington riding a sleigh pulled by his reindeer skeletons

Javelin throw

Pegasus pulling a carriage

And that's it. I didn't get a lot of photos because it was very difficult to take photos of moving objects in the dark and I was very tired too (I was running on 3 hours of sleep and I also hosted our Institute Christmas party that day). UP College of Engineering did not win best float this year but I am still amazed by DeceptIKOT.

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