Monday, November 25, 2013

Holidays are Coming...

Christmas is coming in a month though I find it difficult to pick up the Christmas spirit because (1) I have been too preoccupied with work (I've been working weekends again ugh) and (2) watching the news reports about typhoon Yolanda victims is still sad.

But anyway, here's this year's wishlist:

Wilton Ultimate 3-in-1 cake caddy
Wilton circular cake caddy
Wilton or Ateco pastry tip set
calligraphy tools (nibs, nib-holders, ink)
black backpack with prints
Havaianas flash urban size 37/38
good-quality matcha
moto jacket (in navy blue or gray or black)

And some more:

anything chocolate mint-flavored
time to hang out with friends
anything handmade and/or mailed to my house
Kitkat (matcha, mint or dark)
Forte's Dolce Latte Cheesecake

Needless to say, I haven't done any Christmas shopping yet.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Run, Run, Run

You are running at a fast pace. You are tired. You look back to see how much you've gone and you realize that you've gone a really long way. You look forward again and you realize, too, that there's much more to go. You don't even know if you've gone halfway already. You are very tired. You are not sure how far you can still carry on. Do you stop? Do you turn around now? Or do you keep running even if you are unsure of your fate and that maybe at one point you'll still end up turning around.

A perpetual note to self:

And if you will allow me to leave this here (lol):

letters in watercolor

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Just a Little Something

I'm still at a loss for words for what happened in central Philippines. A super typhoon just ravaged our country. I live in Metro Manila so we were not really affected but a lot of people in Visayas are suffering. Reading and watching the news is just heartbreaking. People are dead, missing and injured. People cannot find their loved ones. People don't have electricity and access to potable water. Roads and airports are destroyed. It's not easy to travel by sea because there's another storm coming. Structures were blown away. I wonder about those people who live in remote islands-- those who cannot be easily reached by people doing relief operations. The country is in the state of national calamity.

Time to do something, even just a little something.

Let's bounce back and higher, Philippines.