Monday, July 30, 2012

Five Fabulous [Postcards]

This makes seven weeks in a row (of coming home every weekend to new postcards)!

A postcard from the USA

A postcard from China. I love the vintage-y feel! My photo doesn't do justice.

A beautiful postcard from Russia. I really love this one! It looks so picturesque and it has an artsy feel. I'm thankful it arrived to me without folds or creases!

A postcard from Poland. The place is called Poznan. I'd really love to see these colorful buildings!

A postcard from Canada.

I am seriously contemplating about making a separate blog about postcards. First, I should find time to setup one. Second, I should install our scanner's driver into my computer (for better photos).

Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Tasty Mess

I'm normally OC but this is a mess I certainly wouldn't mind.

What I did with leftover grahams, bananas and homemade caramel. :) I've been craving dessert for the longest time but I was too busy today with my homework in EgyE (Energy Engineering) 201.

This dessert can be made fabulous by layering the three ingredients in a trifle glass or a pretty wine goblet!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

First Food Market Experience

I went to Technohub with my orgmates yesterday. I personally wanted to see Mezza Norte. However, the tents were so jampacked so we decided to eat someplace else. Some of the boys wanted to try The Old Spaghetti House's unlimited pasta promo but after we saw the very long line (if you've been to Technohub, the line started from TOSH and ended at CBTL), we decided to go to Seafood Island instead. However, Seafood Island was also full so we ended up at LeChing's Tea House.

But. I still wanted to try the Mercato so I went with Sir Phillip (who was craving dessert that time).

cooking takoyaki

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Happy-logue 07-22-12

It's raining outside and I'm thinking about my life.

I've been pushing myself too hard the past few weeks. But no matter how hard I work, I still have a bunch of things in my to-do list... which is just plain depressing.

Then again, I know that most (but not all) of these were my choices. That's why after this semester, I promise to be more kind to myself. 


1. This week, I received a postcard from Slovenia. That makes six weeks in a row of coming home to a new postcard or two. :)

2. Yesterday, I was supposed to be in school the whole day (again) for a 9am meeting and to proctor two exams (1 to 3pm and 4 to 6pm). However, exams were postponed due to the heavy rains. 

In the afternoon, when the sky calmed, I went out to watch The Dark Knight Rises with my friends. I'm not a Batman fan and I didn't watch the movies. I just watched TDKR because I was with my friends. 

A part of me is not happy with the raging rains (who likes floods anyway?) but a part of me was relieved that exams were postponed. If I had to spend the entire Saturday in school, I'd probably be insane right now. :(  I seriously needed some relaxation time to keep me from crying out of stress. My budget for this month is already broken but... meh, I'd rather neglect my savings this month if it's for the sake of my sanity.

3. It's sweatshirt season!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Happy-logue 07-14-12

These days have been extremely busy (For three days this week, I've been staying in school until 9pm... either for Masters class or to work on research.) but that doesn't stop me from being a happy person!

1. I have new postcards! I think I'm starting to get used to this... For the past five weekends, I've been coming home to one or two new postcards from different countries. I totally love Postcrossing!

I received postcards from USA and Japan last week (but I did not see them until Monday this week).

This week, I have postcards from The Netherlands and Germany again.

2. Palawan ube hopia! I totally dig this. I've been craving for it since we went to Coron but unfortunately, Palawan ube hopia can only be found in Puerto Princesa. I'm glad Sir Anjo bought this for me during his recent trip. 

3. I watched The Amazing Spiderman with my family (sans younger brother) yesterday. I'm not a Spiderman fan but I enjoyed the movie. It gets boring sometimes (maybe I was just tired) but I still think Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are awesome... I mean, amazing.

4. I haven't gone shopping for some time now and I've been wearing the same things over and over so I decided to go shopping a little. Happy closet, crying wallet! But oh well, I have two new dresses, a skirt, a satchel, a lace blazer and two pairs of tights.

total wallet damage: PhP3086. Sales are awesome.

5. I have mentioned before that I'm participating in a training this August. I'm currently working with my groupmates and we did a Skype conference last Thursday. There was only three of us: me plus two people from Texas (the other three groupmates didn't make it) but it was great! One of them is so excited to eat balut and the other is going to extend his stay for 1.5 weeks so he's asking me for "adventure advice". I'm glad that they're not the too-serious type and yet they're keen on getting the job done. I'm so excited to meet and work with them. They're coming in three weeks' time!

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Coming from a tropical country, we always wish we could wear clothes fit for autumn/winter... or just anything for cold weather.

I saw this photo while digging through not-so-old photos in my computer. That's probably one of my favorite outfits. I wore this when I presented a paper in Tokyo. A white button-down shirt, a black balloon-hem dress (with pockets! I totally love skirts and dresses with pockets), grey waist belt, grey tights and black boots! It's simple, cute, conservative and super comfortable!

And yes, I do have a thing for monochromatic outfits.

Please don't judge the mess! The stuff on the bed were my coat and my scarf (I was about to go to Shibuya when I took this photo). The stuff on the left are also clothes because the hotel room was so small, it didn't have a closet! Yep, typical Tokyo hotel room (not complaining though!)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Glitter Keys

It started when I saw these cute key covers over the internet some years ago. They're cute and they help in key identification. Unfortunately, I couldn't find them in the malls.

But I'm glad I didn't because I saw this tutorial via Pinterest a few months ago. It's also cute but cheaper, for sure!

Finally, I got the inspiration to work on it. With just white glue, glitters and clear nail polish, I now have a fab key. It's pretty easy. It's just the drying time that you have to bear with... and maybe the glittery mess. But that just depends on your ability to handle glitters.

Hmm... maybe this will be nice to do with an old key (cover the whole key with glitters) and then turn it into a necklace or something.