Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pros and Cons

  1. It's not an 8 to 5 job.
  2. There is more opportunity to take graduate studies and there are higher chances of getting scholarships abroad because of the network. But do I really want to take graduate studies?
  3. Compensation is good during the early years (well, compared to corporate).
  4. According to Wigi and to Prof. Ignacio, "madaling rumaket".
  5. There's sembreak, Christmas break and probably even summer vacation (if ICE continues not to offer courses during the summer term).
  6. Prof. Castro once said during class, "The corporate ladder is made up of people. If you want to go up the ladder, you have to step on people... That's why I'm in the academe."
  7. I don't have to leave UP. Plus I can still hang out in Maginhawa Street. And the new ICE building (which is currently under construction) is along C.P. Garcia, very near Moonleaf. Err, I mean Maginhawa Street.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

No More Escaping

Last vacation of my life and I've been stuck in the city, mostly. I'm going to Batangas with my friends in less than two weeks. And that reminds me that I need to find a swimsuit. Sigh. I'd really like to go to many places this summer but I only got Batangas. Well, I guess it's better than nowhere. Although I wish someone would drag me to Ocean Park. Or to Enchanted Kingdom. Or to Tagaytay. Or anywhere nice but not too expensive. I'm pretty easy to please, really.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Where's the Circus?

As I didn't want to spend for a new dress nor ask my parents for money (ang dami nang gastos saken recently), I decided to wear this old pink lace dress. It's so old that it has become trendy once again. Ems said it looked like I bought it from Forever 21 but it's actually vintage.

I just wore it with a belt I got from Landmark, the shoes I used during Engg Grad and an embellished headband, which is actually the belt/sash I made for my grad dress. I didn't spend anything and that makes me proud haha.

Venue was great and accessible. Food was alright if only I had enough to fill up my tummy. There weren't a lot of people and there were only nine Aggre people. To be honest, the program was boring. I just hanged around Aggre people the whole time.

Aggre girls...

 ...and Aggre boys.

Theme was circus but I didn't find anything circus-y about the party save for the ticket and probably the theme colors (red and gold), which actually remind me of Gryffindor House. And they call it "Cirque Au Revoir" which literally translates to "Circus Goodbye". I wonder...

Anyway, there was a photobooth...

...and a mobile bar with unlimited drinks, which, I think, made the party crazy and worth it.

I also had the courage to introduce myself to fellow blogger, Ghoent! I recognized her while waiting for out turn at the photobooth. :D

And I was happy to get a group picture with Paulo, Dash and Jansei. They're my third year high school classmates and although a lot of us went to UP, only the four of us went to Engineering (Dash is even a shiftee from CBA) and I am proud that we all graduated!

There's lots of room for the party's improvement. Nevertheless, it was a great way to celebrate! It's probably the last time we can fool around so much as from hereon we've got to face the scary thing called 'real life'.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Closing One and Opening Another

Take out the white dress that you customized. Take out your white three-inch wedges (thin heels are no-no for you who isn't used to wearing them). Take out that gold, green and maroon handwoven cloth. Get your hair done and put neutral makeup. Pin whatever needs to be pinned on your clothes.


You like flowers a lot. And you've always wanted a photo with a sunflower in UP. Go ahead.

Who cares about the sunlight? Take a photo with your AME buddy.

Find your constant companions in CE. All dolled-up!

Get a photo taken with your "forever classmates" (a.k.a. your boys). You only get to dress up a few times because you look like zombies most of the time (eyebags, pimples, etc.).

Get a photo taken with fabulous girls. [photo from Ems]

Have a photo taken with your "Laging Tulog Pero Laging Uno" seatmate who always sleeps in major classes yet gets 1.0's a lot and is graduating magna cum laude. [photo from Dr. Liongson]

If you find that girl who you've known since first year high school (it's been nine years!), take a photo too!

Go to the restaurant and find your friends. Feel touched especially by Kairu who commuted from LB without sleep.

Get a photo of that family in which the children are tall and the parents are short. :P

Go home, rest a little and then prepare to go to Krinkle's post-graduation dinner. [photo from Krinkle]

That was April 16 for me.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


White dress is from Cinderella, bought at 50% off! It has rows of rosettes on the hems.

I added some beads on the dress. I also beaded a black satin ribbon to turn into a sash.

I put belt loops and here we go.

The beads are easy to remove if I ever want to "transform" the dress again. :)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Weirdest Night (or Morning) of My Life

Last night, I went to Tomas Morato with my younger brother, his girlfriend, his girlfriend's bestfriend and met Yanyan, Ron, Airis, Klaine and Earle there.

Yes, I actually went to a tugsh-tugsh party (sorry that's the way I call it) for the first time. I was invited by my brother's girlfriend, I agreed (because I'd like to experience that at least once in my life even though I know it's not my kind of thing) and I dragged my friends because we haven't experienced that kind of night-out ever.

The lights hurt my eyes and the sounds hurt my ears. I was a total noob there and I was right: it was definitely, definitely not my crowd nor my kind of thing. But to be honest, it was fun people-watching. However, I don't think I'll ever go to such a place again except if there's good reason (like if a whole bunch of AME people are going there to troll around).

We kind of ended up in Shakey's for kwentuhan and because Lolo Klaine hasn't had dinner yet. (Yeah, what a place to go to TM, huh?) Rael came too and then we went back to the club. The lights were on at 3am... which I thought was weird because I thought that was still early. My younger brother (who's more used to such places although not exactly a party animal) told me that I was right and it was indeed early.

Weird, weird night, really. But hey, what a way to celebrate! Engineering recognition rites is next week!

And what's weirder is that we got home at 4am, I slept at 4:30am and I woke up today at 8:30am. What. The. Hell. I'm usually up by 10am (and I usually sleep 2am at the latest).

Definitely one of the weirdest nights (or mornings) of my life.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Stack Some Beads

I made a two beaded stacked bracelets yesterday [instead of revising my manuscript haha]. I don't wear accessories except for short layered necklaces and pendants. Mostly because bracelets, rings and long necklaces are quite... bothering. I mean, it may restrict your movement sometimes. Or maybe I'm just not used to wearing them anymore.