Saturday, April 9, 2011

Weirdest Night (or Morning) of My Life

Last night, I went to Tomas Morato with my younger brother, his girlfriend, his girlfriend's bestfriend and met Yanyan, Ron, Airis, Klaine and Earle there.

Yes, I actually went to a tugsh-tugsh party (sorry that's the way I call it) for the first time. I was invited by my brother's girlfriend, I agreed (because I'd like to experience that at least once in my life even though I know it's not my kind of thing) and I dragged my friends because we haven't experienced that kind of night-out ever.

The lights hurt my eyes and the sounds hurt my ears. I was a total noob there and I was right: it was definitely, definitely not my crowd nor my kind of thing. But to be honest, it was fun people-watching. However, I don't think I'll ever go to such a place again except if there's good reason (like if a whole bunch of AME people are going there to troll around).

We kind of ended up in Shakey's for kwentuhan and because Lolo Klaine hasn't had dinner yet. (Yeah, what a place to go to TM, huh?) Rael came too and then we went back to the club. The lights were on at 3am... which I thought was weird because I thought that was still early. My younger brother (who's more used to such places although not exactly a party animal) told me that I was right and it was indeed early.

Weird, weird night, really. But hey, what a way to celebrate! Engineering recognition rites is next week!

And what's weirder is that we got home at 4am, I slept at 4:30am and I woke up today at 8:30am. What. The. Hell. I'm usually up by 10am (and I usually sleep 2am at the latest).

Definitely one of the weirdest nights (or mornings) of my life.

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