Saturday, April 2, 2011

Stack Some Beads

I made a two beaded stacked bracelets yesterday [instead of revising my manuscript haha]. I don't wear accessories except for short layered necklaces and pendants. Mostly because bracelets, rings and long necklaces are quite... bothering. I mean, it may restrict your movement sometimes. Or maybe I'm just not used to wearing them anymore.

There you go. Don't mind the background, that's my RRL. Haha. This may sound conceited but I really like them (well, I wouldn't be making them if I didn't). They look better when layered together or with other bangles/bracelets.

Oh, do visit my gallery HERE.


  1. astiiiig! cute bracelets! i like layered bracelets too, pero more of the hippie side naman ako, wooden beads etc, hahaha! =P love the background book!

  2. Syempre ang inspiring ng background XD

  3. @yanyan: shemps! Haha. Kasi yan na yung pinakamalapit na "background-able" LOL

  4. Hi! First time on your blog... I love the beads! :D