Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Closing One and Opening Another

Take out the white dress that you customized. Take out your white three-inch wedges (thin heels are no-no for you who isn't used to wearing them). Take out that gold, green and maroon handwoven cloth. Get your hair done and put neutral makeup. Pin whatever needs to be pinned on your clothes.


You like flowers a lot. And you've always wanted a photo with a sunflower in UP. Go ahead.

Who cares about the sunlight? Take a photo with your AME buddy.

Find your constant companions in CE. All dolled-up!

Get a photo taken with your "forever classmates" (a.k.a. your boys). You only get to dress up a few times because you look like zombies most of the time (eyebags, pimples, etc.).

Get a photo taken with fabulous girls. [photo from Ems]

Have a photo taken with your "Laging Tulog Pero Laging Uno" seatmate who always sleeps in major classes yet gets 1.0's a lot and is graduating magna cum laude. [photo from Dr. Liongson]

If you find that girl who you've known since first year high school (it's been nine years!), take a photo too!

Go to the restaurant and find your friends. Feel touched especially by Kairu who commuted from LB without sleep.

Get a photo of that family in which the children are tall and the parents are short. :P

Go home, rest a little and then prepare to go to Krinkle's post-graduation dinner. [photo from Krinkle]

That was April 16 for me.


  1. claaaire! congrats! =) and you're friends with debs din! oo nga no, CE nga pala kayo both. =) super nice seing you kagabi!! whoooo! =)

  2. Thank you Ghoent! Congrats din!! At kilala mo rin pala si Ate Debs. Sabi ko nga pala sikat yun eh haha. Nice to meet you [IRL] too!