Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Reasons to Be Happy

Your cactus has formed a bud. Last year, it bloomed during April. It formed a bud quite late this year that you thought it's not going to bloom anymore. But you checked on it last Monday and saw it. I really hope it doesn't fall though.

There's an occasion...

...so you made some quick blueberry cheesecake. I had to do the quick version. I was so busy with research and besides, it's my first time making cheesecake so I thought I'd try first the easy no-bake recipe. By the way, it's their silver anniversary. Sorry if my note on the ref is cheap-looking. It's actually scratch paper. Haha. I was much too tired at 3am to make something prettier.

Seminar/progress report for the PHIVOLCS-UPD ICE joint project this afternoon. My first time attending something like that. It's also the research I've been blabbing about and the thing that has been making me so busy recently. I reported a little something in front of seismologists and structural engineers (take note, I'm just a fresh grad). It was well and okay except my voice shook a bit when I realized that there was a mistake in my slides that I overlooked (even after numerous times of checking). I also managed to drop the microphone after I reported and placed it on the table. Good thing I turned it off and the floor was carpeted so it didn't make a noise. Haha mishaps. But anyway...

Now that we're done with the progress report, we can finally take SOME rest, relieve stress and go back to work perhaps by Thursday night. I swear I'm not doing anything research-related tomorrow.

Eating the cheesecake and having everyone at home say it's delish except for my younger brother who says he can't taste anything from it. I dunno what's wrong with him or with his taste buds.

I'll treat myself to spa or some shopping once I get paid. So much things/problems came up and I've been so stressed lately so I'll need a little pampering.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Back to Making Commissions

Crocheting mood finally got into me. I haven't held hooks and yarns in around two months. Or maybe it's just the guilt of having an unfinished commission for two months already? Well, I actually don't like having unfinished projects but I ran out of light gray yarn and the store I go to ran out too and hasn't restocked. I just excuse myself by thinking that my customer doesn't need a beret in this summer heat. But meh, not a good excuse for being irresponsible.