Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Nag-upload ang propesor sa PI 100 ng mga litrato galing Banahaw. Mahigit isang buwan na pala yun. Pero ito ang mga nakita ko:

Groupmates ko, kasama si Sir Nilo sa Kalbaryo. Kalbaryo kung kalbaryo ang pag-akyat! Ang daming sunflowers sa bundok. Actually, ang daming iba't ibang bulaklak sa bundok.

Ang dami kong kinain noong umaga.

Katibayang [literal na] gumapang ako sa maliit at masikip na kuweba. Halata namang mahirap diba, mukha ko pa lang. At ang damit ko, puro putik lang naman!

Masarap magpamasahe sa tubig.

Groupmate kong matagal bago nakatalon sa bato. Pero nakatalon naman siya.

Isa pang classmate na tumalon.

Sino itong batang 'tong kahit blurred eh halatang abot-tenga ang ngiti dahil perstaym niyang nakaligo sa talon?

SUMMER NA! Adventures ulit!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lie Down and Watch the Stars

Yesterday was an awesome day. I submitted my first manuscript draft, had Moonleaf Peach Yakult and a Wichkraft Slider for brunch (at 2pm), went to Rockwell for UP CFA's thesis exhibit with AME people and then went to Kyle's house in Antipolo for a sleepover. At 1am, we climbed up this small plateau in their village where we could see the city lights. We lied down banigs and watched the stars. I can't help remembering Yvaine from Stardust. Half-moon was also out so I kept thinking about Mother Moon. Too bad I couldn't enjoy it so much because I was literally shivering from the cold. I was wearing a cardigan but it wasn't enough because it was really, really, really cold and windy. I didn't see shooting stars (or maybe I did, either from my peripheral vision or from my imagination) but I still enjoyed watching stars without anything else blocking my view. I think the last time we lied down to watch stars was in Anawangin in Zambales last April.

I hope we can do that again (lie down and watch the stars) when we go to Puerto Galera this summer. I'm excited. It's going to be my first time to go to another island with my friends. Hopefully, next year (or maybe the year after next), we'll be going to another country together. *crosses fingers*

And here be a photo of me with Nigel (a.k.a. Chinaman) who just came back from Japan (photo by Krinkle). He also went to the exhibit in Rockwell. First time seeing him since he went to Nihonlandia last October. And he was being funny when he was craving so hard for Jollibee (esp. chicken). He wouldn't even pose for a photo because he's so busy eating. Okaeri, Chinaman!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Shoes, Books and Apple Pie

The past week went like this:

This week's planner page. Full with acad things. Spell STRESS.

But I'm still happy. For one, I got an awesome apple pie last White Day. Thanks bunch to Kuya Pchan!! (I gave him giri choco brownies last Valentines Day hence the apple pie on White Day.) I was really down and stressed recently because of acads so the apple pie meant a lot to me.

Apple pie kinda got broken while commuting but it's still tastes awesome

Sean also lent me his copy of Stardust by Neil Gaiman, which I read this week. Yes, I was actually able read fiction despite all the requirements. But it's so awesome so I couldn't resist. I haven't read fiction in years (blame English 12, that's when I got sick of reading) and I never thought I'd start liking reading again.

And look, I even got myself a Neil Gaiman book to read today. It's an impulse buy, actually. I was choosing between Coraline and The Graveyard Book inside the bookstore. There were very few copies of Coraline left in the bookstore so I just grabbed it. The Graveyard Book, YOU NEXT!

And finally, awesome shoes from Grendha to reward myself for my thesis final presentation.