Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Where's the Circus?

As I didn't want to spend for a new dress nor ask my parents for money (ang dami nang gastos saken recently), I decided to wear this old pink lace dress. It's so old that it has become trendy once again. Ems said it looked like I bought it from Forever 21 but it's actually vintage.

I just wore it with a belt I got from Landmark, the shoes I used during Engg Grad and an embellished headband, which is actually the belt/sash I made for my grad dress. I didn't spend anything and that makes me proud haha.

Venue was great and accessible. Food was alright if only I had enough to fill up my tummy. There weren't a lot of people and there were only nine Aggre people. To be honest, the program was boring. I just hanged around Aggre people the whole time.

Aggre girls...

 ...and Aggre boys.

Theme was circus but I didn't find anything circus-y about the party save for the ticket and probably the theme colors (red and gold), which actually remind me of Gryffindor House. And they call it "Cirque Au Revoir" which literally translates to "Circus Goodbye". I wonder...

Anyway, there was a photobooth...

...and a mobile bar with unlimited drinks, which, I think, made the party crazy and worth it.

I also had the courage to introduce myself to fellow blogger, Ghoent! I recognized her while waiting for out turn at the photobooth. :D

And I was happy to get a group picture with Paulo, Dash and Jansei. They're my third year high school classmates and although a lot of us went to UP, only the four of us went to Engineering (Dash is even a shiftee from CBA) and I am proud that we all graduated!

There's lots of room for the party's improvement. Nevertheless, it was a great way to celebrate! It's probably the last time we can fool around so much as from hereon we've got to face the scary thing called 'real life'.


  1. Ohhh so that's what the event title means! HAHA. Bakit parang nung uminom ako walang pink drinks? Hihi nainggit. =P Yey ang cute ng picture natin! Great to see you Claire! :D

  2. Oh, late na dumating yung pink drinks and real strawberries yung gamit nila (unlike the rest of the drinks na artificial... juice haha). Nice meeting you [IRL] too, Ghoent! :D