Sunday, December 16, 2012

The List is Here

Hopefully, it's not yet too late to be posting this Christmas wishlist.

  • Music box (with something that spins)
  • Deco tape/washi tape
  • Book with me a tikcet to Kathmandu for summer. (Okay, some friends from high school are considering this already so hurray!)
  • A cute postcard or anything mailed to my house
  • Laser pointer
  • A good book (I like Neil Gaiman's stories though I do not limit myself to his works)
  • Pyrex 500ml measuring cup
  • Street maps (for crafting)
  • Copies of funny and romantic J-drama or K-drama (not tragedies)
  • This set of postcards I've been eyeing on eBay 
  • Wilton 3-in-1 cake caddy. Last time I checked, Gourdo's and Landmark in Trinoma carry this item.

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