Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas, So Far

After a weekend of hanging out, my Christmas vacation, so far, has been very domestic. I sewed a lace top (which was difficult, by the way, but turned out wearable or so-so considering that no one really taught me how to use a sewing machine). I cleaned my room a bit. I put away the shoes that I'm no longer using so that we can give them away (I think I put away 9 pairs so finally my shoe rack can breathe and I can start shopping again... whoops... gotta control!!!). I went to the grocery. I did my laundry. I baked stuff.

Here's the first victim: chocolate chip oatmeal bars. I used this recipe from Carrots 'n Cake and threw in semi-dark chocolate chips instead of raisins. 

Second victim: chocomint brownies. I used a recipe from Joy of Baking sans the ganache and added some drops of peppermint oil. [Segue: Have I ever mentioned how much I love chocomint? A lot of my friends love it too and for a while, I thought that everyone loved chocomint that I was surprised when my workmates told me they didn't like chocomint!]

I missed baking. A lot. I don't even remember baking anything since June 2012 because I've been extremely busy and perpetually tired. While I was baking the oatmeal bars a few days ago, I was actually a scared that I might have already forgotten how to bake but it turned out fine. But more than me, I think my parents really missed the home-baked stuff.

Hurray, Christmas vacation! I know, I know I'm supposed to be working but still... Hurray Christmas vacation!



    I eat everything chocomint: chocolates, candies, drinks, and of course ice cream! Semi-happy that my workmates don't like them because I get to eat all the chocomint variants in a bag of assorted chocolates. :))

    Your chocomint brownies look heavenly. I could just imagine. Huhuhu. haha. :D

    1. Thank you Ghoent! Diba super sarap naman ng chocomint?? I remember that chocomint ice cream sa SC... the best!! :D