Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cocina Juan

I've heard of the place a couple of years before but last Monday night was my first time to eat at Cocina Juan in Maginhawa Street. 

It's located right across Moonleaf and Delish though it's not very easy to spot because the place is covered with vines. But if you see a huge chili pepper-shaped sign, that's it. :)

I was amused the moment we stepped inside. The place was colorful and filled with art. It reminds me of Leona's Art Restaurant.

Liquor bottle corner

Something kinda creepy beside me :))

Free dark brown nachos. Looks highly suspicious but it's just nachos.

Cocina Juan serves Mexican food. I got myself a chicken chimichanga (basically like a fried burrito). It was P199. It looks small but it's very heavy on the stomach. I almost could not finish mine!

It was tasty on it's own. It practically didn't need the lemon yogurt sauce.

Sir Perfy's small-serve pasta on a huge plate

Sir Christian's burrito

Good Mexican food that is worth the bucks, pretty interiors, and nice servers. I'm definitely going back!

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