Saturday, October 6, 2012

Happy-logue 10-06-12

hell week noun \'hel wēk\ 1. the week where all deadlines occur 2. worst week of the academic term, usually occurs at the middle and at the end of the academic term and may last more than a week

One of the many things I learned during teaching: it's not just the students; teachers experience hell week too.

Now, being both a Master student and a university instructor, I'm experiencing twice the hell. (I can't even call it hell WEEK because it's been going on for months already!) And don't even get me started with research project deadlines.

In other words, things have been totally crazy. I haven't had time to relax, to get a pedicure, etc.

However, there are still a few things that keep me happy.

1. My students. For some reason, I like it when my students ask me questions. It just shows that they're listening and they're interested in what I'm teaching. Most of the time, I get really really tired but my students make everything bearable. Last Friday was the last day of classes. I'll surely miss my students.

2. AME friend Sty-chan just got back from his one-year stay as an exchange student in Tokyo. Before he left, I asked him to get me some postcards. He got me two...

Tokyo Tower
Buddha statue this cute and shiny Christimas greeting card with Asakusa printed on it.

3. The postcard I mailed to myself during my last trip to Taiwan just arrived! Why self-mail? Well, why not? I bought postcards, I had some stamps and there was a mailbox at the hotel.

4. New Grendha sandals. Parents' gift for me. 

Ah. Two weeks. Two weeks. Come to me, sembreak.

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  1. super cool naman ng idea of self mailing! you are right - why not?

    parang ang saya lang mangsurprise ng iba din through snail mail (referring to your previous post). cool lang ng old school. hmmm, now who to mail now? hahaha.

    goodluck with hell week, claire! konting kapit pa! :)