Sunday, October 14, 2012

Food for the Stressed

Had I known that we'll be departing from the usual cafeteria food, I would have brought my camera this week. Pardon the bad phone photos.

My co-instructors and I have not dined together for a while. We've been too busy. Now that classes are done (though we still have a bunch of MS requirements and checking of papers to do), we were able to finally eat non-cafeteria food together! I miss our Maginhawa Street dinners. :)

Now this dish is from weeks ago but I'll post it anyway. It's K-spicy Katsudon from Mashitta in UP Shopping Center. It's a very weird Japanese-Korean mix. There's kimchi fried rice, kimchi, vegetables and tonkatsu. It was tasty and I like it because the kimchi is spicy!

We went to Burger Project this week. Finally, I tried the Angus beef patty. I do not like beef very much but Angus beef was worth a try. Though I think I'll be sticking to my good ol' tofu patty. :))

Angus beef patty, sesame bun, jalapenos, caramelized onions and garlic cream cheese. I promise to bring my parents to Burger Project one of these days!

Moonleaf Peach Yakult! I haven't had Moonleaf for around a month. Who cares about my cough and colds? I missed this. LOL priorities haha.

A corner in Mashitta. I've been to Mashitta countless times but last Friday was the first time I noticed this cute wall sticker. :))

What I like best about the past two weeks? I may have departed from eating [relatively cheaper] cafeteria food but I did not depart from my budget. ACHIEVE!

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  1. burger projeeeect! di ko pa to nat-try, pero everytime i see pictures of their burgers, super nakakalaway lang naman! hahaha i like angus in general pero ang mahal kasi! i would totally eat that burger. sobrang my style from the onions to the jalapenos and the garlic cream cheese!!

    tapos na pala classes! requirements na lang! good luck claire! :)