Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mailing People Happy

I don't know if it's just me but I can feel the happiness of my friends (who live/study abroad) whenever they receive snail mail. Some of them have told me that they get pretty lonely sometimes. And what's a little snail mail (a few minutes of my time, a few hundred steps to the post office and a few pesos) to make a friend happy? :) I don't expect them to send anything back (I never put a return address haha). I'm just happy when they suddenly PM me via Facebook (or when they announce via Facebook Status) that they're happy to receive mail. Makes the effort worthwhile.

Here are some cards I've sent to friends.

Sent to my AME friend, Red, who's currently studying music in New York. Done with purple Sharpie. I'd send Red another but then he's coming back to the Philippines this October.

Second postcard (no photo of the first) sent to my AME friend Stychen, an exchange student in Tokyo. He's flying home tomorrow!

Also the second postcard I sent to my AME friend Roxy, an exchange student in Oita (Southern part of Japan). I was wondering why she hasn't told me anything about receiving the card... apparently, she was home this September. She's gone back to Japan yesterday so I hope that she sees it soon. 

Sent to my high school friend Karen, who's living in Canada. I bought the postcard at the bookstore in Taipei (the one where I went on a rampage with deco tape haha).

Will be sending to my AME friend/buddy Ali, who's living in Australia. Done with brown felt-tip pen, craft paper, colored paper and a sakura puncher I got from Daiso.

I need to learn how to photograph [postcards] better! That, or I should stop being lazy and install that scanner. =\

Can't wait to have free time so that I can make more handmade cards to send to friends (or even strangers). :) I really miss doing paper-related crafts. 

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