Saturday, September 29, 2012

Lunch at Yanagi Restaurant, Midas Hotel

Many thanks to couponing, I can afford to treat my family to hotel buffet lunch. :))

Last week, we went to Yanagi Restaurant in Midas Hotel (in Roxas Blvd., right beside the Embassy of Japan).

They didn't have a huge selection of food but whatever they had tasted great!

They had sushi, but no sliced salmon.

Tempura is served from the kitchen (you don't take it from the buffet table but you can ask for as much as you want). They serve it with shrimp and vegetable tempura but you can ask for just shrimp tempura if you don't want the vegetables.

Beef croquette and chicken teriyaki

Sukiyaki was yummy and the beef was super tender!

Dessert: some fruits, coffee jelly and red bean.

It was a great lunch! I'm hands down on customer service (it's a hotel, after all).


  1. Looks like a very good japanese resto. Kamusta naman yung price?

    1. Hi Rex! Yes, it is good! It's PhP999 without the coupon (for me, not that sulit) but with the coupon from Metrodeal, I got it for P499. Sulit na! ^_^