Friday, September 21, 2012

Tape Lovin'

During the recent trip to Taipei, I discovered a shop near the hotel that sells cute office supplies. When I saw that they had deco tape at affordable prices (NTD26 or ~PhP39), I immediately took a shopping basket and hoarded took everything I liked. Coz I'm seriously in love with deco tape.

How do I use deco tape? I usually put them on my belongings to label them as mine. We have the same [issued] pens in school but when my co-teachers see a pen wrapped in deco tape, they know it's mine hahaha. I put them on folders and envelopes just to give life to otherwise boring office supplies. I also put them on the letters and postcards I send!

Here's my collection now! But I think I might give two away to my friends. The five on the left and the floral pattern on the right are the new ones from Taipei. While the two in the middle and the macaron pattern on the right are older ones from Landmark.

Hmm, now I wish I can find a piano-printed tape. :)

1 comment:

  1. Polka dots! ♥
    And is that Princess Jasmine I see?
    Piano-printed tape sounds cool! I hope you find one! :)