Sunday, September 9, 2012


I like underrated things. Bistrio Cafe along Maginhawa Street, located near Friuli and Crazy Katsu, is no exception.

I first discovered the place in February 2011 when Friuli was too full and my friends and I were too hungry to wait.

I'd say the place is like a cross-breed between an eatery and a restaurant. It's really nice! Food is cheap. You can have a meal for PhP50 to PhP70. Food is home-cooked and they only cook it right after you order.

I was there around 3 weeks ago when I was looking for dinner and I suddenly found myself in Maginhawa Street.

panna cotta

They serve everything in pretty chinaware.

That one on the left is a pitcher

The vintage mug-turned-tissue-holder made of steel reminds me of my late grandparents (my dad's parents) and their house.

That window leads to the kitchen. But notice the pretty tabletop. Form and function, indeed.

Some pretty display.

And more display. The candle holder is for sale.

Most furniture are made of wood but they also have some made of steel. The table looks like an old sewing machine case.

They also have a small bookshop (you can rent or buy second-hand books) right inside the shop. I don't check it out much but you can!

The food is good although not exactly special nor is it a place that you'd travel far just to try. But if you're around the neighborhood, craving home-cooked food or if you have foreign friends, Bistrio Cafe is a bet. They have sinigang, caldereta, adobo, etc. (mostly dishes served at home). I had actually planned on bringing my SC2012 foreign friend to this place but that was August 7, 2012 (during the monsoon disaster) and the shop was closed.

Perhaps what draws me to this place is mostly the ambiance. The price you pay is just similar to a normal carenderia/eatery but Bistrio Cafe is obviously prettier. There's never a lot of people so it's quiet (or rather I can bring my friends here and be all talkative) and the place is very artsy. Plus, the servers are kind!


  1. My kind of place! I'll drop by when I'm in Manila :)

    1. Yay! That's great! ^_^ I hope you enjoy the place (and the books!)