Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Things I Miss: Making Headbands

Mid-April, I was thinking about opening to commission projects again. But before I could announce anything, Kat asked me to make a fairy-ish headband she could use for her graduation rites. Perfect timing or what? :))

Kat gave it to me to design. She just said she wanted to look like a fairy. After weeks of thinking (it's my first time making something like this), I settled for flat velvet cords, handmade ribbon flowers and beads.

I would like a hippie band for myself right now. They'll look good with my summer uniform (I don't really have a uniform but you'll mostly see me wearing a circular skirt, a cotton shirt and Grendha sandals). I just need brown velvet cords but Landmak was out of stock the last time I went. I hope they restock before summer ends.

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