Monday, May 7, 2012

Beach with ICE

I had a blast with ICE (Institute of Civil Engineering) during the weekend, courtesy of our institute director, Doc A. Almost all the young instructors and a number of the professors went to Doc A's resthouse by the beach in Batangas.

That's Mindoro over there!

It's my first trip to the beach this year that's why I was very excited. The area was very private with very few people, which is great!

We arrived Saturday noon. In the afternoon, Doc A took out his speedboat and drove us around. When we rode the speedboat, I felt like I was in the movies. I felt like a million dollars haha!

photo by Sir Eric

photo by Sir Eric

Doc A's speedboat

At 3:00pm, clouds covered the sun and low-tide approached so we were able to enjoy the beach a lot minus the sunburn. We swam and played in the sea until 6:30pm, had dinner and played games until 2:00am.

Sadly, after this shot, my camera's battery died. The sunset was really beautiful!

The next day, Doc A took out his jetski and everyone took turns to ride it. Now that's one thing off my bucket list! I only rode the jetski for a while but I enjoyed a lot! The sea was clear (not much people, not much boats) that's why I was able to drive fast!

thanks for this photo, Sir Eric!

I really enjoyed my weekend, thanks to Doc A and to ICE!


  1. shushaaaaal naman Doc A! the beach looks relaxing at ang swerte niyo very private! i still haven't gone to any beaches this summer pero hoping parin ako. haha. sana makabatangas din! :)

    1. Super lucky dahil naambunan kami ng kayamanan ni Doc A in a little way haha. Go go! Not yet too late! May na rin ako nakapag-beach actually (kung kelan umuulan na). Haha.