Monday, May 21, 2012

Things I Miss: School

Yes, I may be in school almost everyday (even during summer) but being a teacher is still different from being a student.

I just got officially admitted to Masters studies. The same day, I checked my CRS page just to look at my new course. Haha, what a weirdo.

Ah, I miss sitting on those black fiber glass chairs and be the one listening and asking questions to the professor. And I know this sounds crazy but I sometimes miss cramming requirements, taking exams and seeing my exam results.

I also miss pre-enlisting classes and waiting for the randomized results. But then, pre-enlistment in graduate classes is easier than in undergraduate ones. There's less thrill, probably almost none.

I'm excited to learn new stuff (especially because my MS is different from my BS). However, graduate classes are in the evening. After a whole day of teaching and meetings, I don't know if I'll still be able to concentrate in class. I've enlisted a straight three-hour class. I'm sure my head will start drifting after an hour. 

Well... good luck! My feelings are mixed. I kind of dread the start of classes because I'm sure I'll be getting stressed and start growing pimples again. Teaching load + research load + study load = dead. But I'm also excited because... well, it's a new semester!

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