Thursday, May 3, 2012

Happy-logue 05-03-12

I like making lists of things that make me happy. It makes me feel blessed despite stress. It gives me a more positive attitude toward life. As they say, "good vibes!"

I used to do this kind of list a lot (I wrote almost everyday in a small notebook) back in 2009. Until one day, I stopped (probably because of a broken heart?) and never got back to it again...

...until today! Yay~

A list of things that make me happy recently:

1. I'm baking again!! I unintentionally went on a baking hiatus. I was so busy last semester. And I think I kind of lost heart. Fortunately, I watched Bridesmaids and Life As We Know It (two romantic comedies where the lead females both bake). I think the movies reminded me of my love for baking. Today, I made cinnamon roll cake. Cinnamon = one of the best things in the world.

2. School supplies from Saizen. I bought a rotary cutter and a sakura puncher. I honestly don't know where to use these things but I'll find a way.

3. I'm jogging around the academic oval again. I can't run as much as before but that's expected after months of not jogging. I might not be able to keep this up though because when June comes, I'll be teaching again and I will start my Masters studies too.

4. The more forgiving weather.

5. Landmark Trinoma now carries Human Nature products! I'm glad I unintentionally passed by the beauty section. I no longer need to go to their branch in Teacher's Village everytime I run out of shampoo or conditioner or facial toner!


  1. Random trivia about me: I don't like cinnamon (I like sweets but IDK, it's like I'm overpowered by its sweet smell hehe) but your cinnamon roll cake looks great! :)

    1. Thank you Krissy! But wow, that's my first time hearing someone who doesn't like cinnamon. I think I understand that though because I also have aversion to certain scents :))