Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Best Seafood Pizza

On our third and last day in Coron, we had breakfast in Malcapuya Island and then left for Coron town. We went back to Coron Village Lodge to fix our things for our flight home and then bought pasalubong. After that, we went to Seadive Resort for lunch.

Whenever my dad goes to fielwork in Coron, he always stays in Seadive Resort and he says that they have very delicious seafood pizza there.

When we arrived past 1pm, there were very few people and we were the only Filipinos customers. We ordered seafood pizza. The waitress told us that one pizza serves 2 to 3 people so we ordered 4 pizzas plus other dishes (chicken, fish, squid). The waitress also told us that we had to wait 45 minutes for the pizza. We were okay with it because we were not in a hurry.

The view from Seadive resort's restaurant

I don't have good experiences with seafood pizza from restaurants in Metro Manila. It's like they're not worth the money. However, because my dad attested to Seadive Resort's seafood pizza, I was game to try it.

Finally, the pizza arrived. 8 slices, around 10 inches in diameter. The waitress was saying the truth, it will really serve 2 to 3 people! If it were in Manila, I'm sure they'd say it'll serve 4. (In my experience in Manila, waiters and waitresses always tell customers that their food can serve this much people but it's never enough.)

The camera's battery was going nuts hence a phone photo.

And dad was right! I think it's the best seafood pizza ever! It was loaded with shrimp, well-cooked squid (soft and not the rubbery kind of squid; did not hurt my teeth) and big chunks of tuna (not the canned one). It's not malansa at all because EVERYTHING WAS FRESH! And the best part: it costs only PhP320! For nice ambience, free tea and coffee and good service, I'd say it's definitely worth the bucks!

In summary, I'd definitely recommend Seadive Resort and it's not just for the seafood pizza:
  • The tables and chairs are beautifully made of wood. (They feel like the living room set in your grandparent's house.)
  • The interiors are very Filipino. (They use a lot of native materials.)
  • The area is very open and there's no air-conditioner but there's lots of fresh air!
  • The balcony overlooks to the sea.
  • They have free-flowing tea and coffee (and the waitress was kind to mention that early on).
  • We brought some mangoes we got from the market and asked them to slice it and they did so with a pretty presentation too. How nice.
  • There's free wi-fi. LOL.

Finally, we were ready to go to the airport. But before that, we dropped by Busuanga Diesel Power Plant to see some of dad's colleagues. It's my first time to see a power plant!

And that concludes the Coron trip posts. I am still hoping to visit Palawan next time, Puerto Princesa most probably because I like their hopia (and El Nido is just too expensive LOL). But I wish my dad would go back to Coron soon so he can bring home seafood pizza. :))

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