Monday, May 28, 2012

Third Tan of the Year

I'm back from Puerto Galera where I spent two nights in White Beach with my friends.

White Beach Puerto Galera is a great place even though there are lots of better beaches in the country. There are angular stones that can hurt your feet. The slope isn't very mild. But all of those are tolerable. What I didn't like were LOTS of bottles and cigarette butts by the shore! I wish people would be more responsible.

One thing I will always love about Puerto Galera: beautiful sunsets

But it's very accessible so it's great for a weekend getaway. From Cubao, we took a bus to Batangas Port (PhP175 one-way) and then a boat (PhP500 two-way plus PhP50 for environmental fee, PhP20 for the terminal fee in Batangas and another PhP10 for the terminal fee in Puerto Galera). 

We stayed at White Beach Resort. It's my second time staying there (I dunno what came into me and I booked a room there, I was cramming our reservation). We payed PhP3000/night for a room with two double beds. Location was good: very near the beach but not very near the noisy bars. However, there's dust everywhere, the flush lever is broken (and was replaced with wires), the towel holder is also broken and kind of rusty. But we managed anyway. I just don't think I'll return to that resort.

Thanks to my cheap mini-tripod, we have a complete photo.

The waves were big when we got there last Friday because of the monsoon. I didn't swim that day; I just took photos of the beautiful sunset. 


Look at that beautiful gradient

The moon was beautiful too. It illuminated the sea at night.

On the second day, Saturday, we woke up early to go snorkeling. We rented a boat for PhP2500 (good for up to six persons), we rode a tricycle to the port (PhP 50) and paid a terminal fee (Php160). The waves were big and the boat ride was scary! We also hired a smaller boat (PhP300 per person) to tour us around Coral Gardens, to the giant clams and to the underwater cave. We saw not just corals, lots of fishes and giant clams but also a big pawikan! However, we weren't able to enter the underwater cave because of the high tide and the strong current. But we went to the sandbar and to Bayanan beach. I don't have photos because I didn't bring the camera to the sea.

After lunch, we went to the South side of the beach.

Lesson: don't wear braids when swimming, lots of sand will get caught in your hair!

Waves crashing

White Beach

We also went swimming in the late afternoon where I got thrown all over the shore by the big waves. In the evening, after dinner, we got henna tattoos.

"Hello, I got myself a wing."

By Sunday, the waves were already calm. Supposedly perfect for swimming but we were already going home by then!

Since my last trip to Puerto Galera two years ago (with family), I'd say things have become standardized and regulated. Before, the boats (small or big) docked almost anywhere. Now, I think they have designated docking areas. They also have standardized prices for the tours. Just one thing: I wish that the beach would get rid of trash.

Until next time!

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