Wednesday, April 25, 2012

TV Series: Once Upon A Time

Romance, beautiful costumes, swords, capes, bows and arrows, stone huts, chimneys, windmills, forests, horse-driven carriages, castles, faerie dust, etc. I like fairy tales. (One of my friends told me that I'm such a romantic... I told him, "Yeah, hopeless romantic!" LOL.)

But I like "reinvented" fairy tales more. (I'm not sure if "reinvented" is the right word to use but oh well.) You know those that target adults instead of children, those that present a little more serious conflict but are still very romantic. Think The Princess Bride or Stardust.

Once Upon A Time is no exception. My friend introduced the TV series to me last February and I've been watching it since then. So far, there are 19 episodes (out of 22 scheduled for the first season).

The story goes like this: all the fairy tale characters live in one magical world but because of the Evil Queen's curse, everyone is transported to present (modern) time and forgets his/her real identity. Of course, the challenge is how the characters are going to remember their true selves and how they can break the Evil Queen's curse.

What's to love? Aside from an interesting plot and beautiful settings, the show also has A LOT of adorable actors.

Josh Dallas is the Prince Charming you'd expect: blonde hair and blue eyes.
But heh, at least he lives up to his name. He's sooooooo charming!

He was also in Thor! He portrayed one of Thor's friends.

Jamie Dornan (this snapshot does not do justice)

Eion Bailey

He may not look adorable at first but eventually, you'll see it.

Greyston Holt

Jesse Hutch and his adorable smile (and jaw).

Sebastian Stan (He also portrayed Captain America's bestfriend!)

And it's not just the male actors.

Ginnifer Goodwin is Snow White. She's super pretty and she rocks that pixie cut, don't you think?

Except for Snow White and Prince Charming, I didn't mention the names of the characters (just the actors) because one thing about this TV series is that it will always have you thinking "Who's this character? Who's that character? Who's his/her fairy tale counterpart? Who's his/her modern time counterpart?"

Now who doesn't like fairy tales?


  1. My workmate told me about this show! hmmm. siguro dapat ko na nga rin tong i-try panoorin, looks interesting!

    ginnifer goodwin is adorable! agreed, the pixie cut suits her! :)

    1. Yes, habang one season pa lang siya (20 episodes na), hindi pa mahirap habulin! ^_^ Medyo mahirap maghabol ng series pag napakarami nang episodes.

    2. in 2 days i managed to watch 10 episodes na agad! hahaha! i love it! bet ko yung plot. i looked at this list again at dami ko pang di kilala. cant wait to finish the rest! :D