Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Six Movies to Move Your Heart This Summer

When it comes to movies, I really like watching action. Think SWAT, Ocean's trilogy, Mercury Rising, Taken. However, I also have a soft spot for romance movies, especially Japanese movies.

Because of the workload relief (semester has ended!!), I was able to get precious and elusive free time and I've been trying to look for Japanese romance movies to pass time. It's been a little difficult because I've already seen a number of the popular ones and it's not easy to search for torrents of these Japanese movies. Anyway, if ever you're interested with Japanese romance movies and if you'd like to drown yourself in love stories and tears, here are a few recommended Jdrama movies! Be sure to have a pack of tissue ready when watching these. NO SPOILERS, PROMISE! 

Ima, Ai ni Yukimasu 2004 (translates to "Now I'm Going to Meet You" English title: Be With You)

I watched this movie last summer 2009. I took a non-credited subject Hapon 10 (Elementary Japanese) because I wanted to learn the language, even just a little. Our sensei (teacher) made us watch this movie in class. My classmates and I were crying so hard while watching. No, not the type of crying where tears just fall silently. We were really crying aloud!

Here's the story. Before Mio died, she promised her son and her husband that she will come back to them on the next rainy season. Guess what? She did. Is she a ghost? Hmm...

It's one of those rare love stories that include the whole family. Usually it's just about boyfriend-girlfriend. Anyway, this one is totally worth the tears and the heartache. Must-watch!

Tada, Kimi o Aishiteru 2006 (translates to "Just Loving You", English title: Heavenly Forest)

Two university freshmen meet during the first day of class. The guy is into photography while the girl is cute and childlike (not necessarily childish). Both of them are the solitary type but start hanging out together.

The guy, Makoto, is played by one of my favorite Japanese actors: Tamaki Hiroshi (he played Shinichi Chiaki in Nodame Cantabile, one of my favorite Jdrama series). It has quite a number of surprises that kept me interested. This movie made me cry really hard towards the end.

Koizora 2007 (Sky of Love)

A story of two high school students: an ex-delinquent named Hiro and a girl named Mika. Watch out for a few sexual and violent themes. I have nothing much to say about this movie or else I might be blabbing spoilers. All I can say is that this movie will totally make your heart ache and your eyes swollen. Just look at the strip on the top part of the poster.

Cyborg Girl 2008

College student Jirou always celebrates his birthday eating spaghetti alone. However, during his 20th birthday, he suddenly finds himself celebrating with a mysterious girl who just popped out of nowhere.

To be honest, the story was a little difficult to understand especially towards the end. Not among my favorites in this list but still worth watching if you're bored. It's pretty interesting because of the mysteries but it can get boring as some point. I think this one moved me to tears towards the end.

Tenshi no Koi 2009 (translates to "Angel's Love", English title: My Rainy Days)

17-year old high school girl meets a very serious 35-year old college professor and she falls in love with him at first sight. No, it's not as bad as you imagine. The movie seems very serious and full of drama but there are also a few funny parts in the middle and the characters tend to have cute personalities too. I actually loved this movie SO MUCH! I swear you're going to fall in love and cry a lot. Totally one of my favorites.

Kimi ni Todoke 2010 (From Me to You)

The reason I watched this movie is because I read the manga and love it! Yes, it's based from comics. Sawako is a very shy and kind girl who resembles Sadako (from the horror film). Because of this, people in school are very afraid of her and do not know that she's actually very kind. Meanwhile, Kazehaya is a kind boy (good boy type) who is very popular with girls because of his looks and refreshing attitude. The two meet on the first day of high school under the cherry trees and Kazehaya, unlike their other classmates, starts to see Sawako's kindness.

I love the casting of this movie SO MUCH. Haruma Mirua (also guy who played Hiro in Koizora), with his pretty smile, really captured Kazehaya's refreshing personality. Mikako Tabe also made a really lovely Sawako. I also love how the actors of Ryu, Ayane and Chizuru totally resemble the characters in the manga! It's like they were pulled straight from the comic books.

Story-wise, it's totally innocent, totally lovable and can be funny too. It could make you cry but it's also entertaining to watch! Plus, there's more to it than just a love story. It's also about friendship and a shy girl who comes out of her shell. One word to describe Kimi ni Todoke: LOVELY.

WARNING: Dont' turn these into a movie marathon unless you're okay with getting swollen eyes. Just one of these will definitely make your heart ache... but then maybe it's just me. I'm such a sap when it comes to romance movies. (What I do is I read or watch something comedy or something action after I watch any one these movies just to calm down my heart... yeah, maybe I'm just a sap.)

Also, read carefully when downloading. Some of these movies have TV series or anime counterparts. Enjoy!


  1. OOoohh thanks for the recommendations! :)

  2. after reading this i downloaded koizora and watched it… i cant help my tears from falling that my brother thought i was in pain... Koizora is definitely a must-watch.