Monday, April 9, 2012

Why Travel?

When I moved to this blog, I meant for this to be filled with posts on crafts and food (esp. my baking and cooking). You'll probably notice that if you look at my early 2011 posts.

However, after graduation, I never seemed to have time to bake, cook and craft as much as I'd like to. It's sad but it can't be helped because I have priorities (i.e. board exams and my work).

On a lighter note, this blog is getting its share of posts on traveling. I feel really blessed because my family isn't so well-off. My parents' salaries mostly go to food and education. Traveling is indeed a luxury. My parents had to save up big time just to bring us to Hong Kong-Macau last May 2009.

Imitating Mickey at Disneyland Hong Kong

And up to now, I still think that traveling is expensive and that it's not for everyone. However, for people like me, there's such a thing as budget travel. You know, budget hostels (those with shared bathrooms, small beds and minimal amenities) and budget airline seat sales (non-existent legroom, no food or drink served on board, budget terminals and flights at dawn). There's even such a thing as sponsored travel (like the first trip to Taipei for a competition) and free travel (like the trip to Tokyo for a conference). But most importantly, there's such a thing as saving money. In my case, these are the things I do to save for my future travels:
  • trying my best not to forget the budget and the lifestyle I had as a student (this is difficult, honestly)
  • bringing lunch to school
  • buying snacks from the grocery and bringing them to school
  • buying food from the school cafeteria
  • not taking the cab frequently
  • not buying new shoes every month
  • not being fond of gadgets

Free day during IDEERS (last day in Taipei) was spent at Taipei Zoo

However, I guess everything still boils down to priorities. Personally, I would like to spend my extra money on traveling because experiences are priceless! I think that being in your 20s (alongside being single) is the best time for traveling. Your salary may not be much but it all belongs to you. You don't have a husband or wife or kids to worry about while you're away. Your body is still strong. I'm also blessed because my parents don't need me to support their needs (some people around my age need to). Plus, I love learning. Whether it's inside the classroom, outside the classroom, outside the city or outside the country, I love learning new things!

Posing at Meijijingu's torii during my last day in Tokyo

So far, I've only been to Hong Kong, Macau, Taipei and Tokyo. And so far, the only trip that I've fully paid for is the Taipei trip last January (others were either partially or fully sponsored). Before I turn 25, I would like to visit AT LEAST TWO of these places:
  1. Beijing, China
  2. Seoul, Korea
  3. Singapore
  4. Bangkok, Thailand
  5. California, USA
  6. Kyoto, Japan
I'm about to turn 23 this September 2012. I have two and a half years left! I pray that I'll be blessed and be able to accomplish this.


  1. You're lucky because you're so young yet you've been to so many places already! :) I've gone out of the country only twice, and both trips were to Singapore! One of them was fully sponsored though, for a youth camp :)

    1. Fully sponsored trips are really great! (Also, when you miss out on some places you don't get regrets because it was just free anyway!) ^_^

      Here's to more travels, Krissy!