Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tokyo Food Affair Part 2

This is the last part of the Tokyo Food Affair.

When I went to Asakusa, I found this stall in Kannon Dori that sells taiyaki. Taiyaki is fried batter with filling like custard, azuki, sakura, etc. I decided to go for the sakura filling.

The batter was really tasty but the sakura filling was not very sweet and flavorful. I was fine with it though because I haven't had breakfast yet so I didn't really need something too sweet to start the day.

I also found this stall near the temple that sells dango. I immediately bought one because I've always wanted to try eating dango! Dango is a sticky dumpling made with rice flour (like kakanin in the Philippines). There are many types of dango, depending on how they're prepared. This one is mitarashi dango (JPY150). It's plain dango with sweet-salty sauce.

I also got the soy sauce dango (JPY150). I think it was dipped in soy sauce and then grilled (no photo, I was too excited to eat, LOL). While I was eating, a person asked me ”おいしですか?” (Oishi desu ka? Is it delicious?) I got surprised so I said ”おいし?はい!” (Oishi? Hai! Delicious? Yes!") In Japan, I'm ALWAYS mistaken for a local, never a foreigner.

And then after walking some more, I found this stall that sells cheaper but bigger dango! I got the hanami dango that I've always wanted to taste (the green, white and pink-colored ones). Unfortunately, it was very underwhelming compared to mitarashi dango because of the lack of flavor. And unlike the mitarashi and soy sauce dango I got earlier, it was served cold. It didn't feel like it's a waste of money though because at least, I was able to eat those pretty colored dango.

It reads "nori (seaweed), mitarashi, anko (red bean paste) and hanami dango"

Unfortunately, the dango was too heavy on the stomach (it's rice, after all). I had wanted to eat inside one of those traditional restaurants in Asakusa but I knew that I won't be able to finish whatever I'm going to order so I passed on it.

I think it's a bad habit of mine that whenever I'm busy (working or studying or traveling), I don't eat full meals and eat a number of light snacks instead. Japan was no exception. I rarely ate full meals there.

And finally, I was also able to eat senbei (rice cakes or rice crackers) sold in Nakamise Dori. I got the wasabi nori (JPY150). It was expensive for such a small item but I didn't really cake because I love senbei, wasabi and nori!

freshly-fried rice cracker wrapped in wasabi-flavored seaweed

MORE SENBEI! I bought some packs for pasalubong.

Tokyo was indeed a food affair! However, I was not able to eat everything I really wanted to eat. But next time I'm going to Japan (and I'm making sure I will), I'll definitely have these on my list:

  • okonomiyaki
  • anything from a traditional Japanese restaurant
  • tempura
  • teriyaki
  • yakisoba
  • more sushi (complete with the conveyor belt)
Right now, I'm  missing Japan food (especially takoyaki). I wish I could actually go to and eat at Little Tokyo (I've never been there before) but my new braces are disallowing me to eat everything I want. Haha. Next time, I guess.

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