Sunday, April 22, 2012

When Inspiration Strikes

This afternoon, I wanted to create a hippie headband for myself so I searched my crafts stash for cords. Instead of cords, I found gold beads (gold-colored faux pearls to be more specific). Crazy as it may seem, I let out a big "gyahahaha!" and immediately took my angel wing earrings, jump rings and pliers to make a...


It's not an original idea (search "Snitch pendant" in Google and you'll find lots of these). I've been meaning to make this since last year but I couldn't find materials and I didn't have time to go searching in Divisoria or Tutuban. 

I looked for a maroon background to make it look "Gryffindor" haha.

I wasn't able to make the hippie headband (I couldn't find cords) but at least I have a new favorite pendant. I think that bigger angel wing charms would be better but I love this product anyway.

You know those moments when things don't go your way but life suddenly offers something equally as nice.