Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Things I Miss: Engineering Week

I apologize for the not-so-wholesome photo. Anyway, I'm sure you'll be amused with this post.

That is a straight man.

No, I'm not kidding. He's not a transsexual. He's not gay either. He's a straight man. And no, the photos are not heavily photoshopped as far as I know. And yes, that's his real body over there. And the person in the photo below is the same as the person in the photo above.

Haha isn't he both guwapo and maganda? Those are super pretty long legs too! Miss Aggregates 2011!! He's my orgmate and he's also from the ICE Structural Engineering Group like me. That's why I'm so proud of him! More photos of straight guys here and here. Aren't the photos great? The swimsuit photos were actually taken and directed by my high school classmate! He's so talented!

It's the time of the year again. Engineering Week, that is!

Engineering Week or Engg Week, as we normally call it, is a competition amongst engineering student orgs and fraternities hosted by the Engineering Student Council. It is held during the last week of classes before Christmas break. For that whole week, hundreds of different events (nothing too similar) are held, also sponsored by the orgs and fraternities but regulated by the student council. There are sport events (like basketball, volleyball, badminton and swimming), boardgame events (like Game of the Generals and Scrabble), quiz events (like an anime quiz bee and the Engineering Science quiz which I once personally headed), puzzle events, game console events, cosplay events, modeling events, crazy events (like throwing and catching raw eggs at the Sunken Garden, ultimate frisbee using bilao and water balloon fights), singing competition, dancing competition, band competition, theater play competition and even a beauty pageant. Sponsoring, winning and simply joining events correspond to certain EWOC points. Points are tallied until the end of the week and the highest-scoring organization gets to be the EWOC or the Engineering Week Overall Champion.

It is a week of competition. It's nothing simple. Everything is formalized (i.e. written in forms and signed by different people). Yes, it's serious business and everyone is competitive. If you have friends from other organizations, you have to forget about being friends with them whenever there is an event (no, they won't take offense, they'd do the same to you). Within that week, a lot of students would cut their classes and some professors would even cancel classes. During that week, the Engineering building becomes very chaotic. There are props and things on the corridors. People run and shout everywhere, sometimes even wearing weird clothes or clothes soaking in water or sweat or both. It's fun because you can practically go crazy and no one will stop you.

It's a whole week of stress and fun.

And even if it's just a week long, Engg Week preparations start even before semestral break. That's when people start saying "Engg Week na!"

I joined an engineering student organization during the second semester of my third year so I only got to experience Engg Week during my fourth and fifth year in college. To be honest, I wasn't satisfied with my two years of Engg Week experience. I know a few people who purposely extend their graduation just to be able to experience Engg Week for the last time! But of course I couldn't do that or my parents will kill me. LOL.

One remarkable event during Engg Week though is the beauty pageant called Miss Engineering or Miss Engg as we commonly call it. It's been there for so many years! It's the final Engg Week event. But instead of beautiful ladies, ONLY STRAIGHT MALES join the pageant to represent their respective organizations and they have to dress up like beauty QUEENS (not kings). They wear heels, makeup, bikinis and gowns. They wax/shave/pluck unwanted hair. They walk and act like real ladies. They also realize the "hardships" of being a woman. LOL. But no, really. The UP Theater gets filled with people because a lot of people (from Engineering or otherwise, from UP or otherwise) come to watch! The pageant is very funny. But beware, it's NOT wholesome at all! And I think it's pretty much obvious from the swimsuit photo I posted (but it gets much more un-wholesome during the pageant itself!)

I've been helping out my org's Miss Engg representative (Miss Aggregates) since 2009. I got harassed during the first time because it was too un-wholesome! But I kind of got used to ignoring the un-wholesome-ness during the second time. I'd usually help with the makeup and the costumes. I miss those stressful but fun times and those moments when I get to say "What the hell, why are these straight men prettier and hotter than me?!" :)) It's one of those rare occasions that I use my creativity inside the College of Engineering. Unfortunately, I can't be of much help to Miss Aggre this year because I'm too busy. :(

Anyway, this is Miss Aggre 2010 (last year). Isn't he so cute in that photo? He's channeling Princess Peach from Super Mario. Oh, I made his crown with felt cloth, glitters and acrylic stones! And that tube top (which was eventually embellished with acrylic stones) was originally mine hahaha!

photo grabbed from Minique

He's also guwapo!

photo grabbed from Tsongki

I miss putting makeup on people! (photo grabbed from Minique)

That is me putting makeup on Miss Aggre 2010. I've probably spent more time putting makeup on straight men than on ladies.

I hope these two guys don't kill me for posting these... their photos are all over Facebook anyway. And besides, I think it's very manly of these guys to accept this HUGE challenge. Not all guys can pull that off! And if you still want more photos, click here


  1. Woo! Miss Eng'g! I'm just a new member of alchemes and I experienced my first engg week recently. And wah intense pala ang eng'g week! Haha!

    Btw, you commented on my blog months ago.. I just revived it now :p You're a CE teacher pala? I'm a ChE student (2nd year) and I'm taking up ES 11 and ES1 right now :D Haha wala lang. Small world XD

  2. Engg Week: INTENSE, indeed!

    Yep, I rarely find Engg people who maintain blogs so it's nice to follow someone from Engg :D