Monday, December 12, 2011

This is how crazy it gets

Miss ERG, why so pretty?

Last Thursday, Miss Engg candidates made an appearance during Smokers Night (an Engg Week event). No, people don't smoke cigarettes during Smokers. I'm not sure either why it's called Smokers Night. But basically, it's an event where orgs make a performance to vent all their frustrations toward other Engg orgs, faculty, and Engg admin. "Org-bashing" as they call it. But it's fun stuff. People take little offense or no offense at all. As they say, "ang pikon, talo". :))

Anyway, I did Gio's makeup that night for his appearance. And that's my best photo of him that night. LOL. He should stop slouching.

Cute mo sana 'teh, kaso lalaking-lalaki pa rin ang posture!

That's Gio and his pretty Mommy Yani. The girls members of the orgs who help their Miss Engg candidates are called "Mommies". Of course they need mommies to help them with their clothes, wigs, makeup, etc. On the other hand, "Daddies" are also necessary to help the candidate with guy stuff (e.g. dressing up in the men's room, hiding what needs to be hidden, etc.), carrying stuff and errand-running.

Miss Aggregates

I look so small. ;_; 

Yani with Miss CREST and Miss Aggregates

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