Monday, December 26, 2011

What's Cooking

Christmas was mostly spent in the kitchen.

For noche buena, I made lasagna and fruit salad. I also cooked spaghetti with meat sauce for guests.

I baked Oreo cheesecake (I still prefer the blueberry cheesecake though). I also baked chocolate cake for guests and food for the gods (date and walnut bars) for my parents' friends.

Not much pictures because I was super busy to even bother taking photos.

Oreo cheesecake

Needless to say, I was so tired. My mom was also helping but still, it's tiring. My hands were hurting because of the alternating cooking and washing. Exposing one's hands to hot (heat from the stove fire) and cold (water) make them hurt. Seriously.

I also tasted some mint vodka that my Kuya got from Poland. Mint!

Don't even ask me to pronounce that. Polish is a difficult language. LOL

I also lost the money inside my wallet (gave them to godchildren and relatives). When I was a kid, I rarely get aguinaldo (Christmas money or cash gift). Mom and dad's families aren't well-off. This Christmas, I was even the one to give aguinaldo to my uncle. I know it's weird (maybe sad, even) but I guess I should actually be happy because I am blessed so I have to share my blessings.

That's Christmas for me.


  1. aww, super nice naman Claire! you're really blessed. =) at ang swerte talaga ng family to have a cook/baker in the family! noice! =)) merry Christmas! =)

  2. You know how to sew? And cook and bake? I am jealous.

    Merry Christmas Claire! I love your new layout :)

  3. @Ghoent: medyo parang katulong lang haha! :)) Merry Christmas! :D

    @Krissy: It's not yet too late! I learned sewing headbands myself (not that good and I can't sew clothes haha). Cooking can be learned by hanging out in the kitchen with your mom! :)) And besides, the internet is very helpful! Thank you and Merry Christmas! :D