Tuesday, December 20, 2011

In which I wore my sablay on my left shoulder

There goes another reward for years of hardwork. :)

photo from Cathy

another photo from Cathy

Ah, I miss these boys. :( I usually sit in class and study at the tambayan with them during college.

Just wore my old grad dress (it doesn't matter much, the sablay covers the clothes anyway) and my Tonic shoes, blow-dried my hair myself and did my own makeup because I didn't want to spend anymore

Oath taking of new civil engineers last Saturday at PICC.

I didn't really want to attend the because I knew what's going to happen: basically sit, stand, raise your hand and swear. And it's not worth the PhP 700 per head. TOO EXPENSIVE! Even the person who's taking the oath has to pay. But my parents wanted to go so we paid a total of PhP 2,100. Isn't that crazy? We could have spent the money on more important things. :(

But oh well, enough with the rants. At least I sat with my batchmates. We wore our UP sablay with Barong Tagalogs or white dresses like what our upperclassmen did before. It's great because our clothes stand out so it's easy to spot schoolmates. 

After getting my documents (PRC license included!), we were very hungry so my mom asked me where I wanted to eat. I seriously answered "Jollibee" because I didn't want any more spending and I don't eat fastfood much anyway. But she said that it's not fitting for my clothes so we ended up at this Japanese restaurant along Roxas Boulevard, Shiro Shiro (literally means White Castle, judging from their logo). Great interiors and good food. I totally love the Ebi Kani Salad! :) Although for me, Sambokojin is still a better run for money.

Ebi Kani Salad and Salmon Sashimi

Seafood Chahan

Omurice (omelet rice) and Ebi Tempura



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  1. congrats claire! at ikaw na ang suma, nice! haha! :D prc overcharge ba? buti sana kung masarap ang food no? haha! =P

    nice interiors ng shiro shiro ah!