Monday, November 28, 2011

Things I Miss: Studying

No I'm not being phony.

While randomly searching subjects in CRS, I found this subject, EgyE 297 (Special Topics) Sustainable Energy Development. I thought maybe I should sit in the class since I'm really interested in Sustainable Engineering and it could help me reinforce my decision to take MS Energy Engineering next semester. Also, the subject isn't offered regularly so it really had to be this semester even if I'm not enrolled.

And so I sat in the class last Saturday (!) even if I didn't have any business in school that day. I'm glad that the professor is really kind and immediately allowed me to sit in.

I miss sitting down an armchair, listening to the professor and taking down notes. Unfortunately, since I'm not officially enrolled, I can't sit down my favorite spot (second or first row, aisle seat, door side... yes it's THAT detailed). Also, I can't recite even if I want to. But it's okay because I learned things! Well, not a lot just yet but I'm sure I'll be learning more in the future.

Oh, also it's the first Masters class I ever attended! Now I'm excited to take MS next semester and to sit down my favorite spot. New things to learn!

Millennium Development Goals

These are the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) from the United Nations Development Programme. These were formulated by world leaders during the year 2000 and were set to be achieved by 2015. Pfft, it's almost 2012 and the Philippines has only achieved item number 3 and we have a long way to go with the rest of the items. And our government is also trying to fool itself by lowering the standards (say poverty) to make it look like we're achieving our goals. How disappointing.

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  1. Energy engineering!! go claire! energy sector ftw! :D ang saya naman, gusto ko rin mag sit-in. hahaha! =P alleviating poverty is super complicated kaya naman 15year plan ang inallow nila; well goodbye to that agad.