Monday, November 14, 2011

There are no words for AME Monogatari

Congratulations for another successful event, UP AME! The comments left at the Facebook page were all positive comments, usually containing the words "awesome" and/or "epic".

I remember the first AME event I attended back in 2006: AME Matsuri. That was AME's third fair. It was still held at the Bahay ng Alumni because that was the best venue that the org can afford during that time. No air-conditioning units, no air coolers and lots of people so the venue was really hot! It was also labor-intensive because the members had to do a lot of manual labor like setting up and moving the tables, chairs and the barricades. Also, BnA had a lot of doors and each door had to have guards. And there were troublesome kids who repeatedly try to sneak into BnA without paying.

This year, AMEmono was held at the World Trade Center East Pavilion Tent. There's an air-conditioner every few meters. AME had these neat modular dividers, which I could only dream of during my LogiCom [head] days. LOL. :)) There weren't any major problems so I applaud you guys for that. UP AME has come a long way since those Bahay ng Alumni days.

It's my first time to attend an AME fair as an alumna. Since 2006, I've been attending as a member so this year feels rather weird because I didn't have to stay up very late the night before to do last minute work before the fair, I didn't have to go to the venue so early for ingress, I didn't have a work post and I didn't have to stay late until egress.

I tell you, an AME event is probably one of the best if not the best (not that I go to anime events much haha). Aside from exhibitor/sponsor booths, AME has their own booths: sumou booth, darts booth, ring toss booth, love shrine, photobooth, fortune booth, emma booth, tarot booth, merchandise booth, sari-sari [food] booth and maid cafe. There are also contests like the karaoke contest, cosplay competition, fanart contest, etc. There are also workshops and I really wanted to attend that workshop where you get to wear a yukata (a.k.a. summer kimono), the Japanese speaker will teach you how to wear it properly and you also get photos taken but it was too expensive (Php400) although Kyle explained to me why and I understood.

Airis and I at the Love Shrine booth. Those boulders are made of rubber foam and were done by the members
photo from Ate Mic

Sumou booth!

Another awesome production
photo from Zaru

Emma booth

Emma booth

Qlab and cutie Kat manning the merchandise booth

AME's Sari Sari Food Booth

Spirit (Maid) Cafe
Lira entertaining a customer

I was able to try the Maid Cafe for the first time. Quite expensive for its worth (Php150) but I had to experience it at least once!

Isn't she pretty? You've been had. That's a man. And he's straight as hell.

with my friend Xanne, former AME VP and AME 8th Avenue project head
photo from Zaru

I had no time to assemble an outfit so I just wore that top from Taiwan (which really looks like a blanket when not worn hahaha), Surplus Shop shorts, Landmark belt and Tonic wedges. I also made that flower on my hair the night before. XD But now that I think about it, I should have worn something anime-ish because I rarely get to do that. T_T Oh well.

Ate Hanna and Kuya Deedrick in cosplay

Numi posing with a guest. Numi sews her costumes. Isn't that awesome?

with Kyle, my friend, AME Monogatari project head

Kuya Max and Lolo Klaine as a shrine maiden

Jijo, my pretty friend, the Finance Committee Head, working hard

Lunch was bento from Pandamonium. Pretty much good and sulit at Php100.

Soujirou Seta cosplayer
Haha the guy beside him had pretty eyes... fine and a pretty face, LOL

The Best Mecha cosplayer! Caught him backstage after his catwalk turn!

Pretty yukatas and kimonos on display

Super pretty AME Calendar

I wanted it so bad

But it was expensive T_T

Awesome dragons. Papier mache, I think. Made by AME members, of course! There were four of them!

Ate Mic as Princess Mononoke with Diego
photo from Zaru

Ate Mic (a.k.a. Delurianne) is one of the most awesome persons I know. She graduated summa cum laude. She was UP AME president. She's a great artist and cosplayer!

Hehehe. Look at Zaru, she's so cute!
photo from Zaru herself

I went home before 7pm. I could have stayed longer and slept over Kyle's house but I had board exams the following week.

And these are things I bought:

Nice shirt with soft and stretchy fabric. Surplus from last year's AME Track 10, LOL

AME Monogatari pin
AME Track 10 keychain (misplaced the one I bought last year)
mismatched Eiffel Tower earrings
angel wing earrings
Fimo sticks for nail art

Ugh I can't wait for next year!! And I hope you guys will hold one next year :)) Advanced happy birthday, UP AME!


  1. is that. real abs (3rd to last pic)? lolz talgang dun ako napatingin. HAHA. at bagay kay sean yung blonde haha.

    grabeng ang hardcore ng AME! astig! congrats sa event! at bet ko ang blanket-ish top mo, i love it! =)

  2. I think they're real!! Kaya bongga-ngiti yung orgmate ko LOL. Sayang di ko siya nakita sa event, kahit ilang beses ako paikot-ikot, haha!

    Oops, nakilala mo si Sean. Lagot ako dun sa lalaking yun haha.

    Salamat! :D Nakakatawa yan, mukha akong multo/white lady dun sa damit pag walang belt :))

  3. Haha. Same with Ghoent. Real abs yan??? Haha. I LOVE this post. Wish I could go to one of those events one day. Already know who I'd dress up as, too. :p

  4. I saw this Character when my brother attended a cosplay event at SM Megamall and I was like. :O! hahaha! pandesalsss! hahaha! kidding. I bet you had a great time ;)

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  5. @Angel: Uwo, go Wonder Woman!! There was actually this guy who went as Superman and he won a special award too haha! :))

    @Mar: Thanks for visiting! I heard from my orgmates that this guy usually cosplays half-naked characters. Sharing his blessings, I guess? LOL! :)) My orgmates also gave him a nickname: "MANDESAL". =))