Saturday, November 26, 2011

Civil Engineer

But PRC registration first!

My co-faculty members have been trolling me since Monday "May results na? May results na?" even when they know that it takes a couple of days for licensure exam results to be released. Of course I kept my cool. After all I could only wait (and ask for Grace) as I've already done what I could during the exam. I wasn't really anxious last Monday and Tuesday but the anxiousness inside increased as Wednesday night approached.

My countdown calendar to keep track of the number of days left to study

It wasn't really a childhood dream. I only realized that I wanted to take an engineering course during my third year in high school. I took BS Industrial Engineering (BS Civil Engineering was my second choice). But my CWTS-IE prof made me realize that I was not made for IE hence my decision to shift to Civil Engineering in the middle of second year (and since then, I wanted to get the "Engr." title). I became a CE student during my third year.

And here I am now: board passer! I also saw my rating at the PRC website last Thursday night and I'm really happy about it!

My desk last Monday. Is that even a desk? Looks like a dump site to me!

To be honest though, it will take lots of experience and practice to become a true civil engineer because this profession isn't something you totally learn by spending five years in college.

But in any case, I am happy! It's finally over. I no longer have to go to Morayta regularly (ride the jeep for more than an hour, inhale all the City of Manila pollution). I can finally fix my super cluttered desk. I can finally give away the review books I bought. I can finally have my weekends free. I can finally focus on my teaching and research. I can finally get my social life back! I have lots of work to do and I'm still super busy (well what's new?) but I hope that I can finally go back to baking and crafting.

Although actually, it's not really over. It's just the beginning. :))

I wasn't wrong about choosing this URL. Register na lang sa PRC, pwede na talaga!


  1. So awesome! Congratulations, Claire! :)

  2. Congrats!!! Civil Engineering was my first choice. Was going to enroll in that course already before Benilde informed me about the scholarship to BS-Ind. :) Everything happens for a reason, i guess! LOL. You're lucky you're done with your board exam!!!

  3. Claiiiiiire! Congrats!! I was waiting for you to post this! im super happy for you, ang galing mo! :D im sure 90+ ang rating mo! =P congrats!! =)

  4. Thank you Krissy!!

    Good luck Eloisa! The Math is pretty much okay! The Hydraulics and Geotechnical Engineering is pretty easy too (as long as you reviewed and practiced which I'm sure you'll do). But the Structural Engineering part was super difficult! Five hours wasn't enough haha! (These apply unless they're gonna change examiners again, LOL)

    Thank you Raleene! That was great timing for you! I think ID is cool! Hehe, I love browsing through interior design books in bookstores to be honest. Good luck on your board exams too!!

    Thank you Ghoent! Ikaw din, I'm waiting for that job-related post hahaha! :))

  5. Congrats ! I know how it feels from my Uni days =)
    I wish you success in anything you want to do !

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