Monday, November 14, 2011

Getting There

More than a year ago, I started going out with a person.

Almost exactly a year ago, I told that person that I liked him. (I'm probably one of the most honest and straighforward persons you'll know.) Of course he told me he liked me back. (I would have punched him if he went out with me and didn't like me!) He never became my boyfriend but I hope you get the picture.

Unfortunately, some months ago, he broke my heart. He had reasons although they weren't enough excuse to hurt me. After all, he had a choice NOT to hurt me. Everything was sudden and we didn't part in good terms because he crossed the ocean the day after and hasn't come back since.

Last month, however, it suddenly dawned into me that I wanted to forgive him and that I had to forgive him if I wanted to move on. But since he's an ocean away, I had no choice but to say things through a Facebook message (yeah, lame, I know). It was a very short message exchange, which was preferable because more messages meant being more prone to misunderstandings.

To be honest, I haven't fully gotten over what he did and sometimes I still feel resentful but I'm trying to get there. It's just not easy because I was emotionally invested. But I guess what's important is my decision to forgive the person and to move on. And no worries, I have accepted the fact that things won't go back to how they were and I'm happy with my life right now. :) Besides, as I always say, we always have to look at the brighter side of things.


Heh, a lot of times my straightforward attitude gets me into trouble and/or embarrassing situations but I still prefer being me. :))


  1. dang! i can totally relate to this Claire. AS IN. =( im still at that point where i am conflicted to whether continue to ~hate~ him for hurting me or just forget and ~set him free~ when i know that i still can't get over my feelings for him. T_T ang bitter ko hehe.

    im glad that you've become strong and that you were able to contact him and finally forgive him. its really difficult to see happiness when all that you think and feel says otherwise. pero conscious effort dapat talaga.

    let's go Claire! cheers to healing hearts. =)

  2. Go Ghoent! At some point, it will come to you, I'm sure! Minsan parang may feeling na gusto ko pa rin siya sapakin pero... oh well! Haha! Cheers! :D

  3. I can never get over how hard it is to get over someone haha. Before experiencing the real thing, I've always thought that most people are just being immature to bawl over a break up so excessively. But after having my heart shred to pieces too, I can now totally relate. :P

  4. So Kuya Steve, na-experience mo rin pala yung bonggang iyak at yung bigla ka na lang maiiyak kahit anong ginagawa mo? XD :))

  5. Those are really honest statements Claire, I could even feel the sincerity. I guess we always owe it to ourselves to forgive no matter how hard it usually is, after all by doing that, it is truly ourselves we're setting free. My best wishes for you! :)

  6. @Pang: Thank you! "it is truly ourselves we're setting free" <<I agree to this! ^_^