Sunday, November 6, 2011

Because I'm incoherent and I like lists

1. I think I'm getting old. I'm starting to love vegetables and fish a lot-- food I used to hate as a kid.

2. I haven't been eating out for the longest time. I'd usually bring a ciabatta with butter or pesto for lunch when I'm out. I've gotten too used to home-cooked food, which I prefer. I haven't eaten fast food for a long time too, which is great. 

3. One week until AME Monogatari! I miss going to anime conventions! Unfortunately, I don't have a camera so I won't be able to take photos of cool cosplayers. I just hope I can buy good merchandise at AMEmono. :)

4. I finally got to watch A Crazy Little Thing Called Love. It's been so long, I know I know. But I was too busy to download and I kept forgetting too. Well, I cried lots while watching the movie. Although when I think too much about the plot, there were a lot of unreasonable (i.e. stupid) and counter-intuitive things that happened. Then again, with these kinds of movies, you don't really have to think. You just have to be in love or something. :)) Oh, but yes, I did enjoy even though there were things I couldn't understand because I don't know anything about Thai culture. Unlike with Jdrama or Kdrama with which I've gotten a little familiar with because I used to watch a lot of those.

This scene made me cry so hard.

I love Pin a lot!


  1. Grabe, haha. I think the first time I watch that movie, I cried, laughed and got super kilig all at once. Haha. Anyway, good luck on the boards!:)

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    x Limechartreuse

  2. Hi claire! Thank you for your nice comment on my blog! :) Hihi. Funny, naalala mo ko from miss engg'g days? Sobrang busy at haggard siguro ako ng mga times na yun, I didn't have the time to make friends! But I wish to see you in eng'g soon! Scribbled through your blog and I saw that you're teaching Engineering Mechanics? Wow! :)

  3. @Thea: Thank you! And yes, you're right about crying, laughing and getting kilig!! Fun movie indeed. :))

    @Joyce: Haggard talaga pag Engg Week noh? Haha. And yeah, I handle onse and dose right now. :)) Hope to see you around Engg too! :))