Sunday, March 10, 2013

Volante Restaurant in Baguio

This restaurant is quite a common sight in Baguio. I saw branches in Camp John Hay, in Session Road and near where we stayed (somewhere on the way to Wright Park). Needless to say, it made us wonder what's with this restaurant so when we visited Camp John Hay, we decided to have [super late] lunch there. 

The place is cozy.

I ordered a strawberry milkshake.

They also have milk tea in their menu but I skipped it because I'm on milk tea abstinence this Lenten season.

My friend and I ordered a Pasta Puttanesca (around PhP200, good for two people).

Finally, we ordered a 10" smoked salmon pizza (PhP313).

I had a good tummy fill in Volante. If and when I go back to Baguio, I'd love to eat there again. The food is not too expensive for its worth and they have a lot of food in their menu that I really want to try. 

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