Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Berry Much

When my family went to Baguio ten years ago, we were not able to go to the strawberry farm because it was raining (and strawberries go bad when they get wet). During my recent trip there with my friends, however, we were lucky because it's the season for strawberries and the weather was great.

The strawberry farm is actually not in Baguio City-- it's in La Trinidad, the capital of Benguet. After eating breakfast at 50's Diner, we took the cab to the jeepney terminal where we rode a jeep to the strawberry farm. After getting off the jeep, we walked a little before finally arriving at there.

Other than strawberries, they also have flowers and crops

Strawberry picking, during that time, cost PhP350 per kilo. It's not required that each person picks at least one kilo of strawberries. There were four of us but we decided to just pick 1/4 kilo each because it's expensive and besides, we were only there for the sake of experience.

Our "harvest"

Right outside the farm, there were rows of baskets and boxes full of strawberries for sale. The bigger strawberries cost PhP150 per kilo while the smaller ones were PhP100 per kilo. My friends and I bought a lot of strawberries and it was really awesome because our room smelled of strawberries.

I bought 1.5 kilos of strawberries. One kilo was for eating and here's what happened to the 1/2 kilo:

Strawberry cheesecake. I made sure to stock up on cream cheese before I went to Baguio.

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