Sunday, March 17, 2013

More Reasons Why I'm Not Skinny

I initially wrote the title "More Reasons Why I'm Fat" but then I thought to myself, "Hey, I'm not that fat. I'm just not model-thin." hence the present title. :)

This is the Oats and Apples tart I made a few weeks ago. It's made of an oatmeal crust, sweetened cream cheese and fresh apples. This is quite a pain to slice because of the fresh apples so next time, I will try cooking the apples.

I am currently abstaining from milk tea and I mean store-prepared milk tea (e.g. Moonleaf, Gong Cha, etc.) A few weeks ago, I went to Saizen/Daiso and saw this Meito Royal Milk Tea. The brand Meito sounded so familiar so I bought a pack. It contains 4 individual sachets. It's made of Earl Grey tea. It tastes really good and it's relaxing to drink! Tomorrow, I'll be checking Saizen again to buy some. :)

I've been frequenting Chilli and Ink a lot recently. Their caramel cupcake is so addicting (and their spicy chicken, of course!) By the way, they're also serving fish fillet! 

I also made S'mores in a pan because I still had chocolates from Valentine's Day. (Whut?!) Well, I like eating chocolate every once in a while but I'm not someone you'd consider a choco-holic. Anyway, I made a graham cracker crust, tossed marshmallows and chopped milk chocolate into the crust, popped the pan into the oven and then hurray S'mores!

I also made a little trifle from leftover cream cheese, leftover crushed graham crackers and bananas at home. I simply layered them in a small glass for a quick dessert.

This is the strawberry Danish pastry I got from Dusit Hotel last week.

Last Monday, I passed by the mall and craved for a sponge cake (blame my hormones) but I was in a hurry so I wasn't able to buy any. On my way home, my craving suddenly changed from sponge cake to chocolate crinkles (yeah, hormones) and then I realized that I haven't baked chocolate crinkles for years already so I made some when I got home. Craving solved!

Yes, I really should cut down on the sweets. 


  1. CLAIRE. This post (!!!). And the three other posts before this. WHY. WHYYYYY. Panggutom huhuhu. +_+

    1. Whoops! Napansin ko nga rin puro tungkol sa food ang posts ko recently. T_T (I need to exercise haha)