Friday, March 8, 2013

50's Diner in Baguio: Breakfast in a Time Capsule

We left Manila at 11pm and arrived in Baguio at 5am. After resting a bit and waiting for the sun to come up, we headed out to have breakfast because my friends and I were already hungry. I insisted my friends that we should try 50's Diner. I've read about diners in Baguio a few months ago so when I got there, I immediately wanted to try eating at one!

Cool ride in front of 50's Diner

Upon entering, I immediately felt like I was in a time capsule (if only the diners also wore clothes from the 50's)!

I ordered a burger (yes, very typical) and brewed coffee (because I cannot be without coffee). I was surprised by the size of their burger. It's probably two times my normal consumption! However, because I don't like leaving food on my plate, I did my best to finish everything. I wished, though, that I had ordered cheeseburger because cheese would have complimented the taste of of the burger well.

PhP95 for a burger around 5 or 6 inches in diameter with fries (my hand for comparison)

My friend also ordered an Irish cream coffee. I tasted some and it was good but let's just say it's not fit for breakfast haha.

Eating breakfast at 50's Diner was a good experience! The food is good and not too expensive. If and when I go back to Baguio, I'll make sure to try the other stuff on their menu!

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  1. it looks really cozy, looking
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