Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pancakes and Farewells

Last Sunday, my friends and I went to High Street to try IHOP (International House of Pancakes). It was sort of a send-off for our friend, Kyle, who left yesterday to study in Tokyo (he'll be staying there for two years). 

It takes a really long time to get seated at IHOP because of the amount of people wanting to get a taste of their pancakes. That's why Airis and I arrived there at around 2pm (off-peak time). We had our names listed and asked around how long until we get a seat. The man at the reception told us that we'll get seated in around 30 minutes so Airis and I, while waiting for the others, went to Fully Booked first to pass time.

True to their estimate, we got seated at around 2:30pm. I was really hungry that time because I didn't eat lunch and I did it on purpose because I heard that IHOP's servings are huge. 

I ordered a Split Decision Breakfast (French toast, two strips of bacon, two eggs, two sausages and two buttermilk pancakes,) and Iced Vanilla Coffee (with free refills). I was expecting our orders to take long because they had a lot of customers but it actually didn't.

I've been suffering from hyperacidity since last week (I haven't been drinking coffee recently) but that day, I could not resist trying their iced vanilla coffee! Unfortunately, I couldn't taste the vanilla in it but it was good iced coffee nevertheless. I was actually amused by their customer service because while I was happily sipping on my coffee and my glass was around 20% full, a hand suddenly snuck up on my left side and brought another glass of iced coffee! It also happened to my friend who ordered a bottomless Splashberry. It was actually funny. I really love how we got refills without even asking!

And here's the champ: Split Decision Breakfast. I really thought I could finish everything since I didn't eat lunch but I was wrong! I underestimated it. My friends and I couldn't finish everything we ordered.(which is not normal because we eat a lot!)

My wallet got 500 pesos thinner and I felt like I gained a couple of pounds just that afternoon. 

I guess won't go to IHOP on a normal basis because (1) High Street is so far from where I live, (2) it's expensive and (3) waiting long for a seat is not something I'm willing to do all the time. However, I really think it's worth the experience. I'm glad that my friends and I were able to try it!

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