Monday, February 25, 2013

There They Go Again

Once again, UP Anime Manga Enthusiasts did it. AME 1UP, the organization's major event this academic year, was a blast! This is the ninth anime/manga fair that UP AME organized throughout its 12 years of existence and I'm really happy that AME fairs have gone a long way since its Ang Bahay ng Alumni days. Now, don't get me started about how important AME is to me because I can go on forever, writing about how grateful I am to this student organization.

I was there from 11am (before opening) until around 9:30pm (after closing). I was really excited for that day because I knew I was going to see a lot of old friends!

The sad thing though is that I left my camera's memory card at home. Imagine my heart break when I was about to take a photo and my camera prompted "no memory card". :'( However, I didn't want to get stressed that day so I decided to just let it go (ooohhh... looks like I'm becoming really good at letting go haha).

Now, have some blurry phone photos. 

Nice set, UP AME.

This is pretty much how I looked like. The floral wreath I made two weeks ago was really meant for this event. I also decided to wear the silver wig which I bought online around two years ago (but never got to use because I still haven't finished the costume that I'm supposed to wear with the wig.)

I had wanted to come as a random fairy but I didn't have enough time to put together a nice costume. In the end, I just wore a blue lacy dress, gray tights (to prevent peek-a-boos) and blue flats (so I can go around comfortably). I also brought my black lace blazer to fight the air-conditioner.

This is my buddy Numi as Sailor Moon. She created the costume herself. Isn't she awesome?

This is the backstage. Those are cosplayers waiting for their turn at the catwalk.

In the evening, my head started to hurt because the wig was squeezing it so I decided to take the wig off (but not the floral wreath). Insta-curls/waves. :)

That's me with the famous Japanese cosplayer, Reika. I never really knew her until AME 1UP but I still wanted a photo with her because she's very pretty and very nice!

You did a great job again, UP AME! Cheers!

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