Sunday, February 17, 2013

Postcard Weekly 02-15-2013

Four postcards this week!

From Finland is a beautiful painting of a lighthouse by Kimmo Palikko. I think it's watercolor. It makes me wanna paint the sky right now!

Here's a cute painting from Belarus. The sender said that she was supposed to send me a postcard of their national flower, the cornflower, but she couldn't find any. I was curious about the cornflower so I google-d it-- it's pretty and\ blue in color! 

Here's a nice postcard of the City of Manila from my AME orgmate Ate Yvette. It looks very pretty in the postcard, right? The City of Manila is close to my heart because that's where I studied high school. I can't identify where this place exactly is, but that should be Pasig River over there. 

This is the town hall of Eindhoven from The Netherlands. It's my first B/W postcard. Looks so vintage, right? :)

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  1. Oh, I have a postcard collection. I love picking postcards up whenever I travel. They are fun mementos to have around. :)